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Bringing 58 years of history

Kim’s Eye Hospital – Asia’s largest ophthalmology hospital, opened Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic in Vietnam. Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic seeks to help patients lead a happier life by offering a wide range of treatment plans tailored to each individual.

We have subdivided ophthalmology fields to provide more professional ophthalmology treatments to patients. Also, through telehealth, data is shared in real-time with the professional medical consulting committee at Kim’s Eye Hospital in Korea. Through the system, patients can experience professional Korean medical services in Vietnam.

Not only ophthalmology but as a polyclinic, we provide comprehensive medical care such as general surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, otolaryngology, neurology, plastic surgery, dermatology, urology, and orthopedics.

We await your visit with outstanding Korean and Vietnamese doctors and staff. With Vietnamese, English, Korean and Japanese-speaking staff available, we are ready to provide convenient medical treatment to both Vietnamese and foreign patients living in Vietnam.

If you have any questions or medical inquiries, please feel free to call or contact us online. We will kindly provide you with a free consultation. Inquiries are always welcomed. Thank you for your interest in Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic. We look forward to seeing you soon.

A world-class specialty eye care center that leads to high-quality eye care for the people the world
based on its clinical experiences and quality services.
Why Choose Kim's Eye & Dasom Polyclinic?

Established and run by Kim’s Eye Hospital, the largest ophthalmology hospital in Asia, Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic brings the professionalism of Kim’s Eye Hospital to Vietnam.

With advanced technology and extensive experiences, Kim’s Eye Hospital has served a total of 16 million outpatients since 1962. One out of every three Koreans has visited the hospital. With the proven track record and credibility, we now bring our professionalism to Vietnam.

Professional Korean medical staff support medical services in Vietnam through real-time telehealth.

With a real-time telehealth system that connects Korea and Vietnam, patients can experience Korea’s advanced medical service even at home, in Vietnam. Patients will be able to receive the same treatment as if they would have come to Korea. Experience the new and sometimes different approach to Korea’s treatment and get more advanced treatment.

We provide specialized treatment with ophthalmology subdivided into different fields, offering a wide range of choices.

Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic provides professional treatment for eye diseases or symptoms that have not yet been deeply studied in Vietnam. Especially for oculoplastic, a subdivision of ophthalmology, we consider both the functional and the aesthetic aspect when providing treatment. With a treatment plan unlike any other in Vietnam, the staff at Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic will help upgrade the quality of life of patients.

Dr. Kim, Sungjoo (MD, PhD)
President of Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic

To have no patients give up their treatment when they can be treated and receive better treatment for recovery

Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic is an ophthalmology-centered polyclinic founded by Asia’s largest ophthalmology hospital, Kim’s Eye Hospital. With 58 years of history, Kim’s Eye Hospital has even established the Konyang University College of Medicine in Korea as well.
Starting from little connections such as a Vietnamese doctor who had been trained at Kim’s Eye Hospital and visiting Vietnam to provide volunteer work, now Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic has been established.

All staff at Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic promise the following:

For patients, we will make no patients who give up treatment for diseases that can be treated, providing professional medical services with real-time connection to Korea.

For the development of ophthalmology, we will present and pioneer professional and sophisticated treatment plans.

For the development of medical services, we will establish an advanced medical system for the medical profession in Vietnam. Also, we will actively engage in rearing professional medical personnel in Vietnam, which includes training doctors based on the MOU between Korea’s Kim’s Eye Hospital and Vietnam National Institute of Ophthalmology (VNIO).

Thank you for your interest in Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic. All staff and I promise to do our best to treat patients.

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Give us a call to schedule an appointment on 028 5412 0560