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Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic

On April 13, 2019, Kim’s Eye Hospital, the largest ophthalmology hospital in Asia, opened Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, brining 58-years of professionalism. Dr. Kim, Sungjoo, the former President of Kim’s Eye Hospital and the current Director, serves as the first President of the Polyclinic and provides high-quality medical services.

Prior to opening Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic, Dr. Kim stayed in Vietnam for four years. After a thorough preparation period, he opened Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic, which he thought to be necessary for the medical field in Vietnam.

Even if Cataract and LASIK surgeries are actively operated in Vietnam, Dr. Kim introduces advanced medical technology of oculoplastics, a subdivision of ophthalmology, to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s medical services. Moreover, he focuses on training young Vietnamese doctors to boost Vietnam’s overall medical services such as the doctor’s attitude towards patients, multifaceted diagnostic approach, disinfection and hygiene, etc.

At the Polyclinic, not only Korean doctors, but Vietnamese doctors and nurses who can speak 4 languages including Vietnamese, English, Korean, and Japanese are available. Moreover, Kim’s Eye & Dasom Polyclinic does not only offer ophthalmological treatment but also various medical services such as general surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, otolaryngology, neurology, plastic surgery, dermatology, urology, and orthopedics as well as ophthalmology to help the convenience of Vietnamese, Korean, and foreign patients who live in Vietnam.

By offering telehealth in case of severe eye disease, it shares data real-time with the professional medical consulting committee at Kim’s Eye Hospital in Korea for collaborative care. The Polyclinic always provides the same quality services in Vietnam as those provided in Korea.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment on 028 5412 0560